Welcome to the Launch of my personal blog ! my name is Muntaser Younis (as you may have guessed from the address xD) and I am a financial professional with a high passion for what I do, you can also consider me as a bookworm when it comes to finance and life in general.

Why I started this blog?

I decided to share my humble knowledge with readers who are interested in the financial world like myself and interact with you guys in order to push ourselves to the limits and keep up with the updates by reading and suggesting what paths to take.

I took some wrong decisions throughout my career and my life in general, but that’s what life is about, its about making mistakes and learning from them, and THAT is why experience matters! right? so based on those wrong decisions I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts and ideas that evolved based on these experiences because I dont wish anyone to make the mistakes I made. We are gonna have fun exploring together, as I mentioned earlier its all about being updated in our profession and learning from each other.

What to expect from the Blog?

This blog will be about financial theories, profession, educative content as well as content to be applied in our professional life. You may also expect some topics on different books that I find interesting as well as summaries of those books. I am not able to conclude everything to expect from this blog but if you are a financial student, professional or just interested in this world the blog will be a great source of info for you!

I am hoping to have a good time with you my readers and to make the best use of this blog that we are building together !