I am not a fan of fancy words(passion, love, dream, finding your goal, etc.) instead I like the words such as(dedication, hard work, commitment, long nights), in my opinion one of the most stupid ideas we get to hear since the moment we are born till we get to the university is follow your passion and find what you like most in order to succeed. well I am sure that Bob Combs(a pig farmer) didn’t have a passion of going around Las Vegas city to collect other people’s leftovers, he simply did the hard work that will give him results.

This is what I am trying to let young people (like me) to realize ! it’s not passion that will get you to unlock the door to the business game, its dedication. God I wish I knew that earlier when I had my first job, even though I did a good work there and my boss was pleased about my results I don’t think I gave my full potential because I was simply not “Passioned” about it.

When I decided to leave the job I realized that they had good plans for me and my future and that they saw my potential to achieve something great but I was so arrogant to stay and believed that my passion wont lead me anywhere in that place, I still have good memories about most of the clients appreciating me and my work after I left. I will also never forget when I met a the brother of my supervisor and without even knowing the relationship between each other he told me how my supervisor was so depressed about the idea that I(his best employee according to him) have left the work and now he’s stuck with a careless guy he doesn’t even care to mention.

In one of Warren Buffett’s interviews he was asked about his opinion on top business schools and certificates(CFA for example) and his answer was quite interesting, he said and I quote “This is what we do is not a complicated business its gotta be a discipline business, it does not require that super IQ and there are few fundamentals that are important, and you need to understand accounting!”. I totally agree on what Buffett mentioned on his interview according to my humble experience lets say, You should be willing to show your discipline in the working place you are in, in order to get appreciated and promoted.

I don’t want to simplify this topic but its an important thing to be aware of that it’s not a lot about how much you want to get or achieve, its about how much you are willing to give and contribute to the business you are in !.

Good luck !