The first time I saw a motivational video about a so called “influencer” it was about how you can find happiness in your life and the whole video(11 minutes long) was showing places he visited and the lifestyle he lives and how that video and following his tips and buying his 1 lifetime membership exclusive extraordinary best golden royal amazing fabulous (Bla bla bla you get the point! ) course. I was 14 years old as far as i remember when i watched that video for the first time and the only word that got into my mind was Paj’Paco ( pronounced as Pah pako).

Paj’Paco is a word in Aymara (an indigenous language in Bolivia) which means someone that sells air. We all have passed by someone like that, selling you trashy product in the street just for you with a limited amount and special offer that is extraordinary, whether that product was a shampoo, a can opener, a soap or whatever the hell it was, we did meet some paj’paco at some point in our life.

However life changed and evolved, Paj’pacos also evolved to get into the cyber world, after all whenever there’s money you will find people looking for ways to get it more likely by gaming the system. My problem with the so called influencers is that most of them don’t do anything other than being influencers ! lets look at it this way : If you are good at something then people start asking you for advice about that thing you are good at, you give them advices and see the results that your advices made in their lives or careers or hobbies, after observing that you realize you are really good at it and you should maybe start making extra money from it by either making courses or selling a specific product or whatever. Influencers sell us crap, they just sell a fake lifestyle they make, fake achievements such as happiness achieved in their life and bet on the fact that we get impressed by that lifestyle and try to pursue it by buying their products.

The problem is that people who buy their products(lets say a course for example) believe that they achieved it all the moment they receive their “course completion certificate” and these “certificate buyers” decide to start selling us some other crap or recommending that course to their friends, neighbours and families, so we end up in a Ponzi scheme where people are handling other people their money to buy some rubbish certificates. Whenever I stood up to try to expose those people online or in my social network of friends I usually get one answer ! that is : HATERS ARE GONNA HATE. For real guys ? why would you defend that guy who is actually sold you crap? I guess no one wants to admit being the idiot that didn’t see that the king is Naked !.

Youtubers that sell us crap are called scammers but Influencers are called entrepreneurs, businesses that sell us crap are now called Startups. A little 9 years old kid knows that for his gum business selling to succeed his Revenues minus expenses equation must be positive ! but still we can see that most investment banks and financial analysts don’t adhere to that equation.

I don’t want to give an answer to people on how we should fix things but I do have a message for these so called influencers. ” If You didn’t make a business or enough money in your first few years that’s because you either lack the experience or the skills , its just the market telling you that you need to improve yourself, so just GROW THE HELL UP AND DO SOME REAL WORK!

PS. You can actually making a business by selling some real crap, you know recycling business? you can make some money and help our planet ..